Abstract Submission
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Please acknowledge that the presentation style changed to the poster
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Deadlines for Abstract Submission
October 29th, 2010
November 5th, 2010
Rules for Abstract Submission
1. Abstracts for oral and poster presentations must be submitted through the web page, which uses a submission system on a UMIN sever.
Abstracts submitted through other media (e.g. e-mail, fax) will not be accepted by the Secretariat office.
2. The entry applicant for the ICNME2010 Poster Competition (ICNME Best Poster Award), please select
"Poster (with entry to poster award)" from among the menu of presentation on abstract submission page.
*ICNME Best Poster Award
Outstanding posters will be awarded with the ICNME Best Poster Award. The organizing committee of ICNME2010 intends to honor and encourage young scientist whose current research displays a high level of excellence and distinction. The purpose of the Best Poster Award is to recognize outstanding young scientists whose posters demonstrate both excellence in research and presentation. The awardees will be announced at the closing ceremony on December 16.
A panel of the steering committee will judge all applied posters during the poster presentation. Candidate will be asked to give a three-minute short-presentation of their poster presentation with two-minute discussion time. Poster will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
1) the quality of their presentation
2) their short-presentation
3) submitted poster abstracts
All young researchers who wish to apply for the award must be registered at the moment of submission.
3. Important abstract deadline
-October 29th, 2010
4. After October 29th(Submission deadline), the Program Committee will impartially select abstracts for the Oral Presentation from scientific point-of-view.
Corresponding authors of the selected abstracts will be notified as soon as the Committee has made its decision.
Instructions for Abstract Submission
1. Author List
Please note that there is limit on the number of institutions and authors that you can enter on the Abstract Submission Page.

Maximum number of institution : 10
Maximum number of authors: 15
2. Abstract Title
The abstract title must be less than 200 characters including spaces.
3. Abstract Body
a) The abstract body must be less than 3600 characters, or 2400 characters if a table or figures included.

b) Only one image (table or figure) can be included at the bottom of the body.
In the image size, 600 pixels in side 450 pixels in length is a standard.
Please in hand as one file, when appending two figures or tables. In the image including plurals figures or tables must be less than 1200 pixel in side 450 pixel in length.
In addition, please include the caption in the image.

c) Acceptable file format for the image is JPEG(.jpg) and GIF(.gif).

d) The image may be reduced and printed in grayscale.

Upon submission of your abstract, you will be issued an "Abstract Submission Number",
which is required to view, edit, or delete your submitted abstract.
This number is different from the "Registration Number" for conference participation.
If you would like to view, edit, or delete your submitted abstract, please click the button below.("Abstract Submission Number" and "Password" for the abstract will be required to log in the page.)
If you have any question regarding the Abstract Submission, please contact:
ICNME2010 Secretariat Office